Thank You

This page is dedicated to people who have helped us reach the start of our journey. Some provided horse advice, some medical advice, some self defence techniques and others positive encouragement. All have been a part of helping us make this happen.

CuChullaine and Basha O’Reilly

Adam Goodfellow and Nicole Golding

Karin Major

Mark Layton and Rosemary Beeton

Dr Smith at Highnam Surgery
Sister Julie Hewitt-Stubbs at The Cheltenham Road Travel Clinic, Gloucester

Jason Gibbs at Nomad Travel

Mark Maisey

Anna Surowiec

Mark Toseland – Personal Trainer
07902 005 038

Packin’ In On Mules and Horses
By Smoke Elser & Bill Brown

Horse Packing In Pictures
By Francis W. Davis

Simran Schmatz for introducing us to different methods of horse training in India.


One thought on “Thank You

  1. Hi Tim

    Have just been looking at your website and all that you have been doing since leaving the UK – I am still in awe at what you and your wife are doing and I hope that the visa issue is soon resolved and you are able to continue your journey.

    In the words of that good old Jeddi Knight – May the force go with you.

    Stay safe

    Richard B-E

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