A Ship Is Safe In Harbour But That’s Not What Ships Are Built For

“A ship is safe in Harbour but that’s not what ships are built for.”

Attributed to Various People

The Mongolian Long Ride

This is the last blog entry for a few months.  We aim to be writing again by November.  On Friday 28th June Tim and I set off on our Mongolian long ride.  On Sunday 30th June we celebrate 11 years together.  

The long ride starts in the Төв Аймаг, moving through Булган, Зaвхан, Хөвсгөл, увс and finishing in Баян-Өнгий Аймаг.  We aim to cover around 1, 500 miles and to conduct research into the prevalence of Laminitis and Equine Colic.

We are both feeling excitement and apprehension at the journey ahead of us.

Our published route is only an outline of our trip.  We do not know until we get to places whether we can proceed as planned.  For example, there has been talk on the local radio of a drought in parts of the Bulgan Airmag (Булган Аймаг) so we need to chat to Mongolians about our route and amend it accordingly plus the rivers may be too high meaning we have to detour to be able to cross them and so on.

Once we reach Bayan-Olgii Aimag (Баян-Өнгий Аймаг) we hope to sell our horses/find a good home for them (and deal with the inevitable heart break), secure a ride back to Ulaanbaatar, send our kit home and then fly to Thailand to rest and write up our research.

We met with John Williamson http://www.zavkhan.co.uk/about_us/page/10 on Sunday afternoon for a beer and chat.  John rode in Mongolia back in 2000 and has been a great help answering our questions.  He is out here running guided trips in Zavkhan (Зaвхан).  One of his customers was with him and commented to Tim and I that after this trip we would feel so flat.

We both smiled as we think we will feel relief.  Relief that we can do something else after seven years of only thinking about this.  Some of the things on hold are mountaineering in the Alps, walking/wild camping across the Scottish Highlands, walking the length of the UK and studying horse training techniques the Parelli way http://www.parellinaturalhorsetraining.com/.

Flat? Maybe.  Bored?  Never.


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