No News Is…..Err Well No News

That’s right, it is now Wednesday 12th June and we are still without passports, visas and valid registration ID cards.  Our previous registration cards ran out on 1st June so for all we know we are illegal immigrants.

I would love to be able to update all on what exactly is happening but I do not know.  We received an email on Monday from Alta to say she had been busy last Friday so had not contacted immigration and that is all we have heard.

Our kit is still in the UK although we have paid for and ordered it to be flown out to us.  The flight is booked but no details have been received yet so if all goes wrong we may still be able to stop it coming.

Although our Mongolian language lessons have now finished we continue to study daily using a fantastic free online program called Anki.  It is great for flashcards and during our time here Tim has set up eight different flashcard sections for us.

Hardest word so far? “Hybrid”.  The Mongolian word is

“олон төрлийн элэментээс тогтсо зүйл.”


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