Is That A Light At The End Of The Tunnel?

Wednesday came and we did not end up at immigration.  We were hoping to take our letter from The Labour and Welfare Office with the required date on it but we could not.  The letter was re-written with everything possible contained within it but it needed a stamp.

The boss of the office was there to sign it but he is not allowed the stamp in case he stamps the wrong documents or gets carried away and stamps any that he fancies stamping.

The lady with the stamp was out of the office and always keeps the required stamp with her.  We did not know when she was due to return.

Thankfully she was around early Thursday morning, so at 8am we collected our newly corrected letter and met with Alta who had the two letters from Global Reach requested by immigration on Tuesday.  Alta also had a coveted Mongolian stamp, embossed with Global Reaches’ details,  in case we needed to make up – I mean write – more necessary letters.

At 8:15am we flagged a passing car down and the three of us made our way once more back to immigration, back to counter number 4, back to Mr Unpleasant.

Counter number 4 was in a reasonable mood.  One assumes that at the start of the day, after a brief respite from stamps etc. he has happy thoughts.  Alta and him joked, he checked our paperwork, asked for no more documents and issued us with a large bill to take to the onsite bank to pay.

Before we approached the bank we needed to pay 1000 Tughrik each to collect the mandatory application forms we had to complete.  This money was payed directly to counter number 2.

Counter number 4 instructed us to pay 2 x 77, 000 plus 2 x 36, 000 Mongolian Tughrik.  We think some was for the visa change, some for the reissue of our new ID cards but in reality none of us really knew or dared to ask exactly what it was for.  This totaled 226, 200 = £103.42.

We took the bill, some more paperwork and our passports to the cashier who checked it over and requested 229, 800 Tughrik.  Big sigh all round but without blinking Tim dipped into his wallet and handed out the full amount.  We were issued with four receipts each to sign and to take back to counter number 4.

It appears we have cracked the bureaucrats!  They have accepted our mountain of paperwork with various official stamps and we are due to go back next week to collect our passports and ID cards.  Now, of course nothing is definite until we have these items in our hands but we are pushing forward and assuming our trip is back on.

Alta was so shocked by this process and outside made the following comment “Those people in there are so much younger than me in their faces but their brains are so much older.  In five years they will all have the faces of bureaucrats.  It is so sad.”


One thought on “Is That A Light At The End Of The Tunnel?

  1. Well done, all it took was persistence and for them to realise a back hander wasn’t coming their way. Glad that at least this step is sorted.

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