Visa….The Ongoing Saga

Last Thursday our sponsor submitted an application to the Labour and Welfare Office requesting permission for us to stay in Mongolia and carry out our research.

Yesterday the Labour and Welfare Office requested copies of the signed contract between us and our sponsor and our education certificates (in Mongolian, which is not possible).  We had a meeting with our sponsor to hand this all over and to sign the contracts.

Today the Labour and Welfare Office have requested our marriage certificate, which we do not have and is of no relevance to the situation and a certificate for us each from the school to say we speak Mongolian.  Our teacher is preparing the required certificate and a letter (just in case) today but maybe they will turn us down because of the missing marriage certificate.

Basically, we have to submit as much paperwork as is possible to the Labour and Welfare Office who apply to Immigration for approval of our sponsorship.  If all goes well; the company hasn’t already met its quote (very Communist), we are not criminals etc. then the Labor and Welfare Office issue a certificate.

If we get that far the next step is to go to Immigration, where we have to have our fingerprints and photos taken (again), fill out a registration form (again) and give them tons of paperwork (that they have already seen and have copies of) to get a new registration card.

We must get all this done by the end of next week or we have to leave BUT we need to apply for an exit visa to leave and we are quite likely to run out time for that SO we will get into trouble.

Immigration can take around one week to issue the registration card so really we have no time left anyway.  The only other option is apply to leave now.

And yes, I am mightily annoyed and frustrated about this whole situation.

Text just in from our sponsor………only Tim will be issued with a visa and I can apply to stay as his wife but I cannot prove I am his wife.  Bollocks.


4 thoughts on “Visa….The Ongoing Saga

  1. Oh dear is there know way that you can apply for marriage certificare on line back here? Where is it stored currently can i help both of you in any way? X

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    • Hi. Thank you so much for your lovely offer. Tim’s mum has kindly found & scanned our marriage certificate so we are OK for now. I imagine they will want something else tomorrow – we are close to calling it a day as this is becoming tedious.

    • Hi Yan
      Thanks for the suggestion. We had to get it yesterday or no go. Thankfully Tim’s mum helped us out so now we just wait and see. I hope they don’t request more paper today!

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