The First Hurdle…… Continued

We still do not know if we can stay or not.  We exhausted all our ideas on Friday, leaving us feeling depleted.  Still cannot believe that seven year’s work has come to this!

We went to the school Friday afternoon and Tim told the manager that we cannot afford to pay the $6000 (actually the charge was $5, 700) so we must leave the country.  I was no help at all and spent the meeting holding back (unsuccessfully) tears of frustration and sadness that we gave everything up back home to spend two weeks in the capital of Mongolia.

The manager said she would talk to her boss to see if anything can be done and would call us Saturday.  We received no phone call yesterday so we are still in limbo but things do not look hopeful.

I felt better yesterday after a good night’s sleep.  On Friday I felt I was grieving for what could have been but now I think it is not the end of the world.  All our planning was not for nothing as we can transfer our skills to another project.  Tim is feeling numb and cannot really think far ahead; he is waiting for this to play out before making any decisions.

After a few beers Friday night we got as far as talking about and looking at maps on riding from Scotland to the south of England and then catching a ferry to France and riding there – nothing serious just an idea!

I have had one more idea this morning and that is to leave Mongolia in June, go to China, apply for a Mongolian tourist visa (30 days) and apply for an extension of 60 days; giving us 90 days in total.  I do not know if this is even possible so have emailed some companies in UB that might be able to help.

I guess the school will call us Monday.

It is now 8:30am and there is lots of snow on the ground and it is snowing heavily.  Tim is still sleeping (of course!).  He has discovered the MMA channel on the TV so stays up late watching it – see Anna we are still training, kind of.

This week we moved into a new apartment.  The price was good ($560 all in/month) and it is clean, warm and in a safe area.

We had to pay three months rent up front but the landlord said if we leave earlier than planned he will refund us so no stress there.  The landlord works at UB Guesthouse and is trustworthy and helpful.

Pictures to follow.

On a positive note, well done to my sister Andrea for getting one of her photos published in This is Derbyshireshire

Also, congratulations to my friend Kerry who is close to getting her children’s books published.

Finally, a big WELL DONE to all the Active Krav Maga guys who passed the last grading.  We were thinking of you all!


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