First Hurdle – Will We Fall?

Tim and I received some unwanted news yesterday.

The school we are studying at have registered us to stay in Mongolia until 1st June.  This means that we have to leave the country by this date.  We expressed our annoyance and disappointment at this to be told “Don’t worry. We can extend your visa.”

OK, we thought and asked “How much to do this?”

The reply? “$6000!”

We are feeling dejected right now but we are exploring all our options.  We have talked about cancelling the rest of our lessons and heading off to China/Thailand for a rethink.

I hate feeling trapped and being bullied into things and Tim is not one for being bullied!  We felt yesterday like the school controlled our future but after talking last night we both agree we control it and if we have to let go of this long ride, then so be it but we do not have to let go of doing a long ride somewhere else, some other time.

We have a 10am meeting this morning with two trusted Mongolians to see what our options are, if any.  Thank goodness we have not yet flown our saddles etc out.


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