Photos – Various

The Police control traffic flow at peak times.  This guy (tiny dot in a florescent jacket) is one of the lucky ones as he has a stand.  Normally they just wonder around with the traffic.  The majority of drivers take no notice whatsoever.Image

Sam & Odnoo.  This was on our way back from registering with Immigration. The office is situated  just outside of Ulaanbaatar. The white arch in the background, on the left is the city gate.

Don’t worry, I have not ballooned to twice my normal size. My PHD down jacket keeps me toasty warm but does nothing for my figure. Image

This is the front of Prime Bridge School where we are learning Mongolian.Image

The view from our bedroom.  The pink building opposite is School Number 5.Image

One regularly sees piles of old snow heaped up.  It is very dirty and I hate to think how wet it is going to be when it melts.


One also sees large heaps of ice about the city. Image

Below are the bed covers we have.  Not great at -20.  Could be worse, our teacher Odnoo lives in a Ger and after an hour & a half bus ride home she has to light the fire for warmth.  She has an outside toilet and a shared shower.  Imagine trying to camp in -40 & hold down a full time office job?


The Guesthouse entrance is the blue door. Lotus Guesthouse is in a good, family area.  The old Soviet buildings get battered by the severe weather.Image


2 thoughts on “Photos – Various

  1. It’s good to hear your stories and know you are both still well.

    The weather in the UK has been grim so don’t feel to bad about the cold, at least it’s dry.

    Keep up the blogging!

    • Hi. Saw in The Torygraph online today that the UK has been bombarded with worse than normal weather. Our Mongolian teacher asked us today what English weather was like & when told she replied “Teemo?” Which means ” Really?”

      It’s a sorry state of affairs when even Mongolians think our weather is bad.

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