Out and about in UB.

Sükhbaatar Square.  The building below was being constructed when we where here in 2006.  It is named after a Mongolian hero;  Damdin Sukhbaatar who was one of the leaders of the 1921 revolution.  Sukh means Axe & Baatar means Hero.  The building shown is very impressive and is Government House.  The statue in the middle is of Chinggis Khan.


This is of a river (still frozen in part) on the way to our school – our first Mongolian lesson will start tomorrow (Monday) at 14:40 for three hours.


The massive red building in the background is the Sky Shopping Mall.  Not been yet but it is near school.  I am curious about what is in the yellow Ger.


Sukhbaatar Square.  Mongolian is know as the land of the blue skies and this photo doesn’t do anything to dispel that.  It is quite warm on this day too – 3 degrees.




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